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by Ashley Gangloff

June 15, 2009

U.S. Masters Swimming programs are comprised of adults with unique backgrounds, varying schedules and individual lives. However, these individuals share one very important commonality: swimming. Whether an adult joins U.S. Masters Swimming in order to improve his or her health or simply to beat the person in the next lane, these adults join together as a team for the love of the sport. Often as soon as the last lap has been swum, the last swim cap removed and the last pair of goggles shoved back into the swim bag, each of these individuals is back on their own, individual, way.

Sometimes we rely on a coach to help create an atmosphere of togetherness. Sometimes a very spirited teammate takes the reins and becomes social director for the group. However there is another way to achieve a sense of togetherness, unity, spirit and fun: a new team suit.

A team suit brings individuals together and provides a unique identity for the group. This becomes important as Masters programs attend meets. A team suit can set a group of people apart from a crowd, demand attention from the other teams on deck and instill a sense of pride in its members.

Agon Sport, LLC, does not specialize in technical racing suits. We may or may not hear their name in the ongoing FINA discussion. Agon does, however, specialize in bringing people together and contributing to a fun atmosphere for any group or team. Have you seen the tiger-striped suits on deck? How about the ones with cow spots? This is Agon.

Agon works with teams (age-group through Masters) to help create team identity.

Creating the Artwork
Agon has a team of designers that works with swimmers to design the perfect pattern to fit the personality of the team. Whether it is hot pink peace signs or candy cane stripes, Agon will work with you, free of charge, to design the perfect pattern. Do you already have a logo? Agon can use your existing logo to create your customized pattern.

Dyeing the Fabric
Once a design has been created, the design is transferred from paper onto to the lycra from which your suit will be cut and sewn. This process, similar to that used on soccer and cycling jerseys, allows Agon to produce an entire bolt of your custom patterned fabric.

Ordering the Suit
Because Agon produces the fabric before the suits are cut and sewn, you may order any style suit you choose. Do you feel more comfortable in a jammer? Great. You can order your team suit in a jammer style. Rather wear a brief? Fine. Thin straps instead of wide straps? No problem. Agon caters to any level of modesty or comfort by providing a custom pattern that can be used for all suit styles.

Team pride associated with a team suit can elevate the confidence of the group and its individual members, as well as the performance level. At your next meet, why not let that other relay team in the lane next to you know that you mean business? Does your program participate in the One-Hour Postal Swim or travel to open-water events together? How great would it be to show up as one, unified, bonded group of people ready to cheer for one another as each of you accomplish your goals.

A team suit. Simple? Yes, but it works. A team suit will help create a spirited atmosphere and a strong team identity.

Many U.S. Masters Swimming sponsors offer team sales. Visit to find all of the U.S. Masters Swimming sponsors and their websites.