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by The Professionals at Elations

August 2, 2012

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Roberto Delgado has been an avid swimmer since he was 5 years old. Growing up in Southern California, Robert and his siblings were encouraged by their mother to take swimming lessons, because of his grandfather's tragic drowning. Robert was a natural in the water and began competing at a very early age. He went on to be a high school All-American and captained the Arizona State University men’s swim team. His ultimate achievement was competing in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic games— ranked in the top 20 in the world in the butterfly.

After those incredible achievements, Robert slowly detached himself from the sport. He joined the workforce with Sunny Delight Beverages Company and the overall demands of life got in the way. As he approached his 40s, Robert decided to get back in the pool and renew his love for swimming. Unfortunately, his body was feeling some discomfort that he wasn't expecting. Working at SDBC, Robert knew of Elations and decided to try the liquid supplement to help him with his training regimen. In no time Robert was regaining his form and even decided to compete again.

His hard work paid off. Not only is Robert back in the pool and feeling better than ever, he also won the 100 butterfly at the 2011 Spring Nationals in Mesa, Ariz. Although you don't need to be a world-class athlete to experience the joint comfort that Elations provides, this one did just that. For more information, visit


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