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by The Professionals at FINIS Inc

October 13, 2021

The FINIS Smart Goggle, Powered by Ciye has a display placed discreetly inside the goggles, keeping distractions away while your field of view remains free

It’s a familiar scene at a swimming pool: swimmers stopping to check data on their smartwatches. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

The FINIS Smart Goggle, Powered by Ciye has a display placed discreetly inside the goggles, keeping distractions away while your field of view remains free. Plus, it shares workout data to the associated Ciye app, making swimming more challenging and fun because you get to see your workout details while swimming.

Continuing its legacy of creating high-quality and technological products, FINIS launched the Smart Goggle in May 2021. With new and unique integrations, the FINIS Smart Goggle helps Masters swimmers elevate their swims and keep a better record of their progress.

In September, the FINIS Smart Goggle was named the official smart goggle of, the accredited workout and training platform of U.S. Masters Swimming. This integration enables Masters swimmers to post specifics about their workouts and share and compare them with fellow swimmers. These goggles are the only ones to provide this type of platform integration, which previously was only available with a smartwatch. Additionally, the FINIS Smart Goggle syncs with Strava and will sync with Apple Health Kit by holiday season 2021.

The benefits of wearing the Smart Goggle go beyond the integrations. This wearable makes training more efficient, convenient, and motivating because:

  • It’s a pair of goggles, which you wear anyway, that keeps you from having to use a watch to capture your data. It also doesn’t distract from your field of view because the data is shown in the periphery of your left eye.
  • It can act as a personal pace clock. Now you see your splits and finish time to the tenth of a second, taking the guesswork out of your performance.
  • It allows you to see how long you swam, how long you rested, your splits, and your lap count in real time. Relax and enjoy your long warm-ups without counting laps. The goggles do it for you.
  • Stroke rate view will be available by the end of 2021. All product updates are automatically applied through the Ciye app.
  • The Smart Goggle records a journal with detailed data of every workout, which is easy to access from a smartphone. The goggles automatically detect all four strokes plus kick sets and allow you to view the information after your swim.
  • No more fussing with your watch screen or buttons. Press the Smart Goggle button once when you start and once when you finish. The unit records every start and stop automatically.
  • Battery life of eight hours requires charging once or twice a week, depending on how much you swim. Syncing to the app after every workout allows you to easily see how much charge is left in your Smart Goggle.
  • When the goggles wear out, pop the Smart Coach out and place it in a new pair of goggles, available for $35.

“The Smart Goggle offers the ability to add another layer of expertise to my training team! So much of successful swimming is training smarter. The ability for our swimmers to view a pace clock in their own goggles rather than looking across the pool gives them more focus and insights on every length they swim.” —Kerry O’Brien, Walnut Creek Masters Coach, USMS and Pacific Masters Coach of the Year, seven-time 100- and 200-butterfly national champion.

Find and conquer your next challenge with the FINIS Smart Goggle. Available at for $199 with promo code SmartUSMS*. Shipping is free in the United States.

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