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March 25, 2002

Plunged into swimming late in life

June Peacock is another athlete who took the plunge into Masters swimming late in life. She saw the fun her daughter, Ronnie Kamphausen, was having and decided to try the competition herself. June was also close to her husband's sister, Elsa Mattila, who was kicking up a storm in Masters circles. Why sit on the sidelines when you can enter into the game? So that is what June did in her eighties, making her family a bit nervous to say the least.

June and swimming were often used in the same sentence. She taught at Notre Dame of Maryland (in Baltimore) and assisted her husband (Larry Peacock) in teaching at the Suburban Club in Pikesville, Maryland. Together, they taught many thousands of swimmers over a span of 40+ years. When June died, in December 2001, she was remembered fondly for how she used swimming to connect with the youth in the Baltimore area. She enjoyed aquatic exercise into her mid-nineties, and was an avid proponent of the sport of swimming.