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July 19, 2000

1997 USMS fitness award and 1995 USMS coach of the year

Scott Rabalais stepped down as head coach of the Savannah College of Art and Design men's and women's swimming teams in 2008 after 6 years. Rabalais received the U.S. Masters Fitness Award in 1997. The Crawfish Masters hosted the February Fitness Challenge. Under the direction of Scott Rabalais, the event was one of the most successful to date due to his efforts in putting this event together.

The following story is from the Jan-Feb, 1996 issue of Swim magazine:

Scott Rabalais, coach of the Crawfish Masters in Baton Rouge, La., has won the 1995 USMS Coach of the Year Award. Rabalais took over the Crawfish Masters in 1984 and the program has grown from 29 to 140 members.

Under Rabalais' direction, his team has won three consecutive USMS 10K Postal Championships, peaking with 40 swimmers completing the distance in 1993. He has coached a dozen swimmers to individual All-American status, and 52 Crawfish have earned Top Ten honors. Rabalais is an ASCA-certified Level Five Masters coach and is a member of the Masters Aquatic Coaches Association.

As a volunteer administrator, Rabalais serves as USMS Editor for SWIM magazine and has written numerous articles for publications including SWIM, American Swimming, Runner/Triathlete News and numerous newsletters. He coordinates the popular February Fitness Challenge, which recently donated $3,000 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He has also served as Dixie Zone Representative and Southern LMSC Chairman.

Over the last decade Rabalais has acted as meet director for 36 meets, including the 1993 National Senior Sports Classic, featuring 840 swimmers, as well as regional and local meets. He is a meet official for Special Olympic, summer league, USS and college swim meets.

Rabalais' reason for contributing to the sport is a reciprocal one. "As an athlete, swimming has given so much to me. Coaching is my way of giving back to the greatest sport in the world!"

from SWIM magazine, Jan-Feb 1996

Scott joined the ranks of eminent USMS Web Masters in May, 1998 by creating a splendid home page for his swim team. He said he created it over a ten-day period with Front Page 98 and it's already being updated for competition results for his swimmers.

Scott F. Rabalais lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and swam for Crawfish Masters.