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July 19, 2000

"A great asset to USMS"

After Dore Schwab and Betsy Anne, his wife of 51 years, raised their two children, Dore rediscovered swimming when he became a part of the United States Masters swimming program. Rediscovered as Dore was no stranger to swimming, having captained the UCLA 1942 championship water polo team and in his senior year the 1943 swim team. He was number one in the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle in the PAC 10.

Dore now swims in the 75-79 bracket as he was born March 27, 1922 and when he began Masters swimming Dore was swimming 50-54. Dore has been in the Top 10 many times and his first All-American ranking came in 1974.

Dore is a long time member of the Tamalpais Swim Team and has represented them and all Masters swimmers well, both in the pool and out.

At the local level Dore has been active in his team's pool and open water swimming events and in the running of his team's business affairs.

At the LMSC level Dore has served as Chairman of Pacific Masters Swimming and has been on and chaired many of their committees.

At the national level Dore has been a delegate to the national convention on a regular basis since 1981, serving as Oceana Zone Representative as well as the National Zone Committee Chairman and on many committees including Long Range Planning, Public Relations, Marketing, where he originated the 1986-87 calendar, and was also a member of the Fitness Committee.

Dore has been, is, and always will be a great asset to USMS.