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by Joan Campbell

September 29, 2012

Long-time Masters swimmer and volunteer

Nancy Durstein comes from Wilmington, DE and graduated from Univ of Delaware in 1951; she married Dick 61 years ago and they have 6 grown children.  She served as a substitute teacher in High Schools for 15 years in Pittsburgh, PA.  

Twenty-five years ago she moved to the Palm Harbor, FL area and started swimming with Coach Joe Biondi at the Clearwater YMCA.  Over the past twenty five years her many Top Ten swims (over 500) and All American swims have been recorded and appear on line on the USMS website.  Nancy participated in syncronized swimming in high school and college. Five years ago she joined the Synchro Belles at her local Y and has performed with them in Pinellas County.  Water aerobics is also a passion of hers and she has taught for several years at the Y.  She is also an avid sailor and member of the Windlass Sailing group in Dunedin.

Nancy has been especially active as a volunteer and her community service in the mental health field has earned her several awards.  She has been on the board of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for the past 10 years; received the Iris Award for her  exemplary service in the Breaking the Silence teaching program for Middle and High Schoolers supporting education of people about mental illness; and recently was inducted into the St Petersburg Senior Hall of Fame for her work as citizen/volunteer with NAMI and the State Advocacy Council.  Nancy's always had a big heart and along with her passion for swimming she has been recognized as a true volunteer for her community and for Masters Swimming.  She is currently Vice President of SUN Masters and served in other capacities, including Meet Director, as a CAT Masters member in past years, as well as an assistant Coach with Joe Biondi MANY years ago.


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