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February 10, 2010

Great group dynamics

Joe Flanagan, 45, works as a network architect for a large electronics/multimedia company. He is married and has four children. Three of his children are also swimmers. Because of his work schedule, his training routine and kids’ schedules, he does not have time for much else, although he enjoys woodworking and making small pieces of furniture.

Flanagan, a triathlete, has been swimming for as long as he can remember. He competed in elementary school, and as an adult. Of swimming, biking and running, swimming is his favorite.

Flanagan swims three to four times a week with an informal group of two to seven people which he says is a great and very reliable. They’re all early birds who start swimming at 5:00 a.m. for about 70 minutes or 3,000 yards. Flanagan credits his group for pushing him to become a faster swimmer.

Flanagan began participating in Go the Distance because someone in his group told him about it. For 2009 he did not set a personal goal, but now he has one for 2010. He wants to swim more than he did last year.

Flanagan likes to compete and enjoys a challenge. He says he does pretty well as an age-group triathlete, adding that as he ages, he sometimes would rather ride his motorcycle than his bicycle.

On Saturdays, Flanagan spends time in the pool with his 13-year old son. He helps him with his swimming and they work out together. “He is becoming quite fast, but not as fast as I am ... yet,” he says.

(submitted by the fitness education committee)


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