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by Suzi Green

September 3, 2013

Is that water? Yes? Then let’s go for a swim!

Mary Quinn, 41, lives in Chicago. She works in after-school and community-mentoring programs for local youth. She also does volunteer work, enjoys going to movies, swimming with her friends, and baking her famous pumpkin cookies.

Quinn snuck into a neighbor’s pool when she was 3 and has been getting into the water ever since. She started age-group swimming at age 6 and loved getting the pink ribbons, until, that is, she learned that pink meant last place. She still loves swimming; it keeps her grounded, both mentally and physically, and she likes to train for specific goals. She also does a little running on the side.

As far as Quinn is concerned, any body of water is good for swimming and she’ll get in wherever she can. She typically swims three or four days per week, at least 3600 yards per workout, sometimes with a coach, sometimes without. She used to love sprints, but now swims distance freestyle, doing other strokes only when she’s swimming with others. She has done several open water events, including Alcatraz, and she loves the social aspect of swimming.

Quinn participates in Nike Go the Distance because “tracking makes me happy.” She advises fellow GTD-ers to set weekly goals as it is easier to stay on track that way. Her overall goal for this year is to swim 275 miles, which is the distance to her mother’s house from hers.


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