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August 1, 2016

Anthony Sullivan touts Masters Swimming as “The Greatest Workout of Them All”

Anthony Sullivan, star of the Discovery Channel’s “PitchMen” series and renowned spokesperson for OxiClean, Stick-Up Bulbs, Swivel Sweepers, and other beloved products, has teamed up with U.S. Masters Swimming.

Sullivan recently joined forces with USMS to promote the fitness, health, and social benefits of the sport he loves. In a fun 2-minute direct response commercial performed in a way that only Anthony Sullivan can, he pronounces swimming: “The Greatest Workout of Them All.”

Sullivan, who swam at the national level in his native England, returned to the sport in 2013 and competed in both the 2015 and 2016 Nationwide USMS Spring National Championship events.

“Getting back in the pool and swimming again has been the best thing for my body, mind, and spirit,” explains Anthony. “Teaming up with U.S. Masters Swimming is the perfect way for me to share this great sport and its benefits with others. The camaraderie and social benefits of being on a swim team are amazing, and competing at the national level and placing again is icing on the cake!”

USMS CEO Dawson Hughes says the organization is excited about and grateful for Sullivan’s involvement: “The time and resources he’s dedicated to this project reflect the passion and enthusiasm our members have for our sport—they’re our greatest spokespeople. We’re fortunate to have a professional pitchman to channel their enthusiasm for our programs and invite potential members to join USMS.”

Swimming’s universally recognized health benefits are the envy of other sports: superior core strength, reduced stress, increased cardiovascular and respiratory health, improved flexibility, and much more. And its low-impact nature makes it truly a lifelong sport. Swimming with a group offers social benefits second to none, and most USMS programs include swimmers of all ability levels.

Anyone age 18 or older interested in joining a Masters Swimming program can get more information by following the “Learn More” link on the front page at

About Anthony Sullivan

Anthony is the CEO of Sullivan Productions, a St. Pete / Clearwater-based direct response marketing, television and digital production company. He starred in and is the Executive Producer of the Discovery Channel series “Pitchmen” and is the national spokesperson for OxiClean. His company produces commercials for a wide range of As Seen On TV products including Nutrisystem and ARM & HAMMER. He began competitive swimming at age 10 and swam at Kelly College, Devon before moving to the US in in 1993.



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