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by Dorothy Donnelly

July 19, 2000

Four time All-Star with many facets to his USMS service

It's hard to count the many facets of Jack Geoghegan's service to USMS. As Legal Counsel for 14 years, he has kept us on the straight and true path. He is always ready to soothe any troubled waters, yet still finds time to be a perennial All American. In fact, Jack was the first USMS swimmer over age 40 to break 50 seconds for the 100-yard freestyle. His Irish wit, unparalleled eloquence, and debonair manner have entertained us at many an awards ceremony. He has served as advisor to the Legislation, Rules, International, Insurance, and Rule Book Committees. And as a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame Committee, Jack was responsible for at long last bringing Masters into the Hall of Fame as full fledged honorees.

We owe you, Jack!

The 1997 USMS Swimming Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition was dedicated to Jack Geoghegan with these words:

To some, the word "athlete" means simply a human being who has trained assiduously and performs well above the normal level. A true "champion" embodies these attributes, plus many more. A true champion is a graceful winner who also applauds the victories of others; one whose conduct is an inspiration to others, who gives freely of both time and talent to give back to the sport the many benefits received.

Jack Geoghegan is a true "champion athlete." As a Masters swimmer, Jack has held a dozen world records over the years and national records too numerous to count. He has qualified as an All-American for 18 of the 19 years he has been competing.

In the National Top Tens compiled by USMS, Jack will frequently qualify in 16 of the 18 available events in each course, a tribute to his versatility as well as his speed. He has been honored four times as one of the USMS All-Stars—the person in his age group who has achieved the highest total of first place finishes in a given year.

Jack serves as a volunteer on the local and national levels. In 1990, Jack was chosen as recipient of the highest USMS honor, the Ransom Arthur Award, given to the person who has made the most significant contribution to the promotion of the ideals and goals of Masters swimming.

In addition to his volunteer work with USMS, Jack also serves on the National Executive Committee for the Leukemia Foundation. He has conducted competitions and clinics, and has spoken at national conventions as well as local groups.

This year's Ransom J. Arthur Award went to Jack Geoghegan, for his tireless legal efforts on behalf of USMS. Swim-Master, June-July 1990

additional comments by Dorothy Donnelly

Jack lives in Rye, New York and swims for the Connecticut Masters Swim Team.