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by The Professionals at Aqua Sphere

October 10, 2017

You might just win a weekend spa getaway with a visit from Olympian Amanda Beard

We’ve all got our reasons for swimming—the physical and mental benefits, the cardio and endurance building, the time the sport allows us to clear our thoughts when we immerse ourselves in a workout.

Tell us why you swim by Oct. 16 for a chance to win a weekend spa getaway with a visit from Olympian Amanda Beard. Also, spin the jackpot for your chance to win free Aqua Sphere goggles!

Here are some of the reasons why we swim and why each of us identifies as a #TrueSwimmer.

1. The Sunrise

Those early-morning practices can be rough, but having the opportunity to see the sunrise during or after a swim workout is completely worth it, says Melissa, a marketing associate at Aqua Sphere. The way the rays of the sun emerge beyond the horizon and shimmer off the water make it a photo-worthy phenomenon. There’s no better way to start your day.

2. Lifelong Sport

Regardless of age, knowledge, or experience with swimming, the water is for everyone, says Clayton, a marketing associate at Aqua Sphere. The water provides a consistent workout that’s easy on the joints, yet challenging enough to break a sweat. Swimming is a sport that doesn’t discriminate and can inspire young and old, amateur or professional, competitor or leisure-seeker. The devotion and camaraderie among its most passionate enthusiasts is unmatched by any other sport, which makes it the ultimate lifelong sport.

3. Swim Friends are the Best of Friends

Swimming is an inclusive, collaborative, and inspiring sport. It can bring a diverse group of athletes who share a common goal or objective together, says Lauren, director of marketing at Aqua Sphere. The dynamic of a swim team can simultaneously provide encouragement and challenge you to be better, faster, and more efficient. And who doesn’t like a little healthy competition?

4. No Experience Required

With swimming, you can come as you are. Aside from the fundamentals of swimming, there is no prerequisite or skill level required. Swimming can be tailored for all skill levels, all ages, and all participants. It’s a win for everyone!

Now’s your chance to sound off about why you swim and be entered to win a weekend spa getaway with a visit from Olympian Amanda Beard, but make sure to do it by Oct. 16. And don’t forget to spin the jackpot for a chance to win free Aqua Sphere goggles.


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