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by The Professionals at Aqua Sphere

September 27, 2016

Race kits make you sleek and swift from start to finish

There’s training gear and then there’s racing gear and competitive swimmers know the value of a complete, proper race kit. From the common sense (fog-free goggles) to the sophisticated (high-tech suits), having the right equipment for the race can help you beat your competitors to that final wall.

Three Key Race Kit Components

Proper race kit for competitive swimmers comes in three main types: tech suits, googles, and caps. But what makes a great race kit?

Tech Suits

Take advantage of swimsuit technology and get yourself a compression suit that makes you more streamlined and faster in the water. Look for a suit with a fit that’s very snug but doesn’t restrict your movements. Tech suits are made of water-wicking materials with close attention to even the smallest details that can shave time off your swim.


Nothing is more frustrating than goggles that fail you in the middle of a race. Make sure your goggles fit well. They need to be tight enough to have a leak-proof seal, but they should also be comfortable. Look for goggles that are fog-resistant and have a good field of vision and impeccable clarity so you can keep your eye on the other racers around you.


Have you noticed the trend of Olympic swimmers wearing two or more caps in their races? This technique has been proven to prevent slippage and reduce drag. The under cap shapes the hair to improve the hydrodynamic shape of the head and the top cap is worn (typically over the goggle straps) to further smooth and streamline.

The Psychological Advantage of Style

While it goes without saying that you want to go for high-quality performance and not just looks when choosing your race gear, it’s worth acknowledging the boost you can get from a striking, eye-catching kit. Looking good boosts your confidence—and confidence is intimidating to the competition. Let them focus on you while you focus on your race.

The Cutting-Edge MP Race Kit

The MP brand is a line of swim gear for elite swimmers developed by Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman in partnership with Aqua Sphere, the premier manufacturer of swimming equipment for fitness swimmers and triathletes. Key components of the MP Race Kit include:


  • Combines two proprietary fabrics to deliver the perfect balance of compression and flexibility
  • Provides additional compression and support where needed
  • Allows for increased range of motion like no other tech suit

XCEED Competition Swim Goggle

  • Provides maximum visibility with patented curve lens technology
  • Hydrodynamic low-profile fit
  • Anatomically-shaped gaskets provide comfortable fit and leak-free seal

Competition and Compression Cap Combo

These two caps have been engineered to work together to shave time off your race.

X-O Competition Cap

  • Combines two thicknesses of silicone for a stable, wrinkle-free fit
  • Ergonomically designed to follow the shape of the face to reduce drag along the hairline and back of the head
  • Internal dimpling and stabilizing ribs prevent movement for a sleek and secure fit

Compression Cap (paired with the X-O Cap):

  • The Compression cap (made of ultra-flat, feather weight fabric) is worn under the silicone X-O cap to help compress and shape the hair for reduced drag


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