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by Bill Volckening

November 26, 2010

Meg Smath nominated for award

Meg Smath - 2009 USMS Communications Award Nomination Letter

I am writing to nominate Meg Smath for the 2009 June Krauser USMS Communications Award. Meg has been a communications tour-de-force over the years, and has demonstrated excellence at all levels. In addition to serving as editor of the USMS Rule Book for over a decade and Secretary of U.S. Masters Swimming for four years, Meg has served locally in Kentucky as webmaster and newsletter editor. She has served as vice chair of the Communications Committee and chair of the Rule Book / Publications Committee.

Meg was a guiding light in the creation and launch of SWIMMER, and has continued to serve as a proofreader. Her tireless behind-the-scenes activities during the development of SWIMMER magazine were nothing short of extraordinary. Beginning in 2004, Meg served USMS in advisory roles with the Transition Team, the Content Proofing Team, Editorial Board, and Publications Management Committee. She was part of the special planning meeting in Orlando, Fla., during which the first editorial calendar for SWIMMER magazine was drafted in one day. Following the launch, she represented USMS during annual planning in Richmond, Va.

The dedication for the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Rule Book gives added perspective on her many contributions: In the dedication, Meg says her greatest accomplishment in USMS is being elected secretary, but more than likely it is the amount of friends she has made over the years. It is not often you will find her sitting alone at a meet or at convention in a quiet area. She is likely to have a band of friends chatting with her along the poolside talking about sports or trying to stump her at trivia. Meg says she continues her involvement with USMS and swimming, "Because it’s given me back more than I’ve given it." For her many volunteer activities on behalf of USMS, Meg deserves the highest level of recognition—and a standing ovation. The pioneering efforts of June Krauser established communications in our organization, and Meg’s contributions raised the bar. It is my great pleasure to nominate her for the June Krauser USMS Communications Award.



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