USMS Award Recipients

Recipients of The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award

The June Krauser Communications Award is presented annually to a USMS-registered individual or group, whose work in communications has contributed to the growth, improvement, or success of U.S. Masters Swimming locally, regionally, or nationally.

To submit a nomination, follow the instructions and complete the nomination form from the link below.

Submit nominations electronically to Nancy Ridout at nancyridout AT usms DOT org

2021 Michelle Harter
2020 Jorge Ferrero
2019 Alana Aubin
2018 Pacific Masters Update Editors
2017 Cheryl Wagner
2016 Karlene Denby
2015 Rich Burns
2014 Frank 'Skip' Thompson
2013 Sally Guthrie
2012 Phillip Whitten
2011 Jane Katz
2010 Pacific Masters LMSC
2009 Meg Smath
2008 Dr. Paul Hutinger
2007 Julie Heather
2006 Lynn Hazlewood
2005 June Krauser