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by The Professionals at Aqua Sphere

November 5, 2014

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Have you ever wished that your swimsuit fit your body better or was just simply more comfortable? Are you tired of pulling and tugging your suit in order to try to get it to cover more of your body? If you are like most swimmers, you are probably still training with the same gear that you wore 10 or 20 years ago. However, the vast majority of us don’t have the same body we had “back in the day.”

Not All Suits Are Created Equal

With the growing trend of “skimpy” swimwear styles on the market today, many Masters swimmers are finding themselves feeling self-conscious and frustrated when they aren’t able to find a suit that meets their changing needs. The majority of the competitive styles on the market today are cut for the masses in swimming, or more specifically, the age-group swimmer. Until now, there has been a distinct gap in the market for women who are not yet ready to leap into the more modest aquatic fitness suits, but who are also no longer comfortable in their training suits of years past.

Luckily, the swimwear market has begun to shift over the past few years as companies recognize the specific needs of the fitness swimmer. Some are now offering options for swimmers of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Comfort and Performance Matter

This shift in the market is good news, as even Olympic champions have changing needs as they move throughout the stages of their swimming careers. As a busy mother of two, Amanda Beard recognizes that swimming is no longer her only focus and that comfort is as important as speed. “I like suits and gear that meet the needs of the everyday woman: fashionable, supportive, and flattering, while also meeting the demands of competitive athletes, which Aqua Sphere does. Aqua Sphere has allowed me to enjoy my lifestyle as a competitive and recreational swimmer because their gear is made to help swimmers feel comfortable and at home in the water. I don’t have to worry about my suit becoming uncomfortable after hours of practice. This allows me to maximize my time in the water and really focus on training, working out, or playing with my kids in the pool.”

Innovation for Performance

Aqua Sphere expanded into swimwear as it recognized a need in the marketplace for more comfortable and better-fitting swimwear for the active swimmer. Since its inception, Aqua Sphere has developed a range of products and new technologies for the active swimmer that provide improved fit and function with a touch of fashion.

  • Body Control System (BCS): Provides support in key areas of the body such as bust, tummy, and hips allowing for a more comfortable and better-fitting suit.
  • Aqua Light: The first-ever assortment of water-repellent suits in the marketplace made specifically for active swimmers. Each Aqua Light suit is designed to retain less water and dry six times faster than traditional fabrics, making the transition to life outside the pool both comfortable and hassle-free.

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