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by Steven Munatones

July 19, 2000

I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your email. Catherine Standerfer was born April 19, 1929 and died in 1995 of cancer. She was the most wonderful mother-in-law a person could ask for.

Just in case you are interested in a little background information: She had 5 children, all swimmers, my husband the oldest. When our oldest child, her oldest grandchild, started swimming at age 9, she and I joined the masters program at Fort Worth/Arlington Swim Team (FAST) or Masters of Fort Worth/Arlington Swim Team (MFAST) depending on the year. She learned to swim competitively at age 59, first starting in the water, then from the side of the pool, and finally off the blocks. She said she sat through all of those swim meets for her kids and it was now her turn to compete.

I wish you luck with your project. Carol Standerfer