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by Helen Bayly

July 19, 2000

Jo Lacy was an inspiration in my life. We first met at Ott Y swimming-pool in October 1987, when she encouraged me to try a few races (and she later showed me her medals to spur me on!!). A high point for me was when Jo and I together went to the AZ Masters State Championships in Tempe - we had funny adventures together, with her little portable cell-phone rescuing us from a flat-tyre annoyance too! She attended the AZ Masters Board Meeting that weekend; I enjoyed her wise and good-humored comments. Above all I shall miss her wonderful phone-calls to me, always starting long and slowly with "Why, Hellooooooooooooo, Helen!"

Warmest regards, Helen Bayly , Chair, AZ LMSC/Masters Swimmers, 1/10/00