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December 31, 2008

Thoughts and big plans for USMS in 2009

U.S. Masters Swimming has had an exciting year full of big projects, fast swimming, the development of new goals, the moving forward of our vision, and changes in staff and structure. Other U.S. Masters Swimming milestones in 2008 include:

  •  When online membership registration is introduced, more than 40% opt to register their membership through the new servic
  • U.S. Masters Swimming releases a new, custom meet results database including most meet results since 2003. Swimmers may look up their personal results history and check their current ranking in any event within each season via the website
  • U.S. Masters Swimming hires Rob Butcher as its executive director
  • The House of Delegates approves the U.S. Masters Swimming Action Plan
  • U.S. Masters Swimming holds its first 25k open water championships
  • 90% of all swimmers entering the two U.S. Masters Swimming national championship meets do so via our online entry system. Those entering for long course nationals are able to select their seed times directly from our meet results database as part of the online entry process
  • U.S. Masters Swimming hires Ashley Gangloff, and she formally transitions January of 2009 into our Marketing Coordinator
  • U.S. Masters Swimming sets all-time membership record, more than 49,000-members
  • Dara Torres, U.S. Masters Swimming member and 2008 USA Olympian, breaks age barriers and stereotypes around the world
  • 28-U.S. Masters Swimming members qualify for the Olympic Trials
  • U.S. Masters Swimming opens Charlotte satellite office
  • Club and Coach Services begins pilot program
  • USMS SWIMMER Magazine is ahead of the curve tackling the neoprene wetsuit issue and receives overwhelming support for its coverage of the Dove Pro-Age campaign featuring member Daniela Barnea
  • Tasks such as the homepage features and video library transition to the Charlotte office
  • The House of Delegates approves the 2009 budget which calls for use of reserves to be invested back into infrastructure development and growth of the organization
  • U.S. Masters swimming offers the ability for members to maintain a personal blog in the Discussion Forums area of our website
  • U.S. Masters Swimming hires a graphic design agency to develop our new brand logo identity along with a companion guide of use
  • Streamlines, News From the National Office, goes green
  • Members of the U.S. Masters Swimming staff travel to more than 15-states meeting with coaches, athletes, and volunteers to better learn how we can improve our organization
  • 96-new programs register to become clubs taking our total registered clubs to nearly 700
  • U.S. Masters Swimming begins the search process for a our national headquarters location
  • U.S. Masters Swimming renews all current sponsors and adds four more to the family

So, invigorated with energy and positive feedback from you, what is U.S. Masters Swimming looking forward to in 2009?

The U.S. Masters Swimming staff has changed and grown over the last 12 months. Two new additions and a more collective effort of the staff began to pave the way for the future. When asked, each staff member commented on his or her hopes and objectives for 2009 and each response was centered around... well, You!

Rob Butcher, Executive Director

"In 2009, I will be investing my energy into several key areas: developing our infrastructure as we transition into our headquarters, assisting our staff with the resources they need to perform their responsibilities, and building new business development opportunities and partnerships that can add value to our membership: you."

Tracy Grili, National Office Administrator

"Once we have a person in place that will be responsible for the day-to-day workings of the National Office, I look forward to educating them and will do my best to make Dot Donnelly (my predecessor who trained me) proud.

Once the dust settles, I'm REALLY looking forward to diving into my new role as Membership Coordinator. With my efforts channeled to one area, I feel I will be more efficient and better able to service our members, volunteers and staff. A priority will be to continue to make the USMS registration process as efficient as possible, to both members and registrars, working with George Simon (USMS Registration Chair), Club Assistant and the LMSC Registrars.

The BIG project I'm itching to take on is the USMS membership database, working toward making it a more complete system by combing information from a number of databases currently used by staff and volunteers. With all the information in one place (i.e.: Membership History, Local/National Volunteer, Awards, National Record, All Star, All American, Top Ten, National Meet Participant, etc) it will be a much improved, more complete database."

Jim Matysek, Webmaster

"In 2009 I will be busy enhancing our members-only content on the webite ("My USMS") and our End-to-End Management initiative (calendar of events, event sanctions, online entry, meet results, top 10, etc.) in addition to lots of smaller web initiatives and enhancements."

Bill Volckening, Editor, USMS SWIMMER Magazine

"In 2009 I hope to reach out to the entire swimming community while continuing to facilitate organization-wide communication for U.S. Masters Swimming. We're keeping our fingers on the pulse of Masters swimming to ensure the magazine content is relevant to our members, and we're looking toward the future, identifying new ideas for this year and beyond."



Ashley Gangloff, Marketing Coordinator

"In 2009 I will focus on providing more communication to our members. I have learned that Masters members crave information and tools to not only make them faster, but also to guide them on their quest for healthier and happier lifestyle. A regular newsletter containing training tips, dryland information, and nutrition advice will serve as my first initiative. I will also be taking on a newsletter for coaches that will offer coaches tools to help them develop their program as well as remain informed about U.S. Masters Swimming business.

In addition to focusing on communication within our organization I will focus on communicating the benefits of our organization to potential members through public relations activities while also assisting you in reaching out to your local communities."

Margaret Bayless, Controller

"In 2009, I will close the books and prepare the financial statements for 2008, and assist the external auditors in their work to audit U.S. Masters Swimming's 2008 records and to prepare the tax returns. Through June, it will be business as usual, maintaining the records for U.S. Masters Swimming, making payments as required, and launching the 2010 budgeting process. I will work towards an orderly hand-over of the functions of the controller to the new controller who will be working out of the new national office. "





Mel Goldstein, Director of Club & Coach Services

"In 2009 I will be busy working with clubs and coaches helping them grow and retain membership through the U.S. Masters Swimming Club & Coach Services division. In addition, I will be planning the first annual U.S. Masters National Swim Clinic in Houston, Texas May and membership growth is paramount to the success of our organization. Greater membership will generate more programs and benefits for our membership"




The U.S. Masters Swimming staff looks forward to 2009 and continuing to work with the many volunteers that have made our organization so terrific.  The staff is ready and excited to provide you with more benefits and continue to increase the value of membership.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities please contact your local LMSC registrar.  If you want to speak with any of the U.S. Masters Swimming staff a complete listing of contact information is available at  




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