Upcoming 2019 Clinics

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Feb 17, 2019–Phoenix, AZ | Register Now


Feb 24, 2019–Fort Lauderdale, FL | Register Now


March 17, 2019–Albuquerque, NM | Register Now


March 24, 2019–Houston, TX | Register Now


March 31, 2019–Coeur d’Alene, ID | Register Now


March 31, 2019 - Columbus, OH | Register Now

April 7, 2019–Boston, MA | Register Now

May 5, 2019–Washington,DC


May 19, 2019–Buffalo, NY


June 9, 2019–Seattle, WA


Aug. 31, 2019–Charlotte, NC


Sept. 7, 2019–San Diego, CA


Oct. 13, 2019–Los Angeles, CA


Oct. 20–New York/New Jersey area


Nov. 17–Atlanta, GA


Dec 8–Sacramento, CA


Registration links will be added as they become available.


Contact Marianne Groenings for questions or more information.