U.S. Masters Swimming is committed to providing a safe and fun championship environment for this event. USMS reserves the right to alter COVID-19 protocols based on local, state, and national guidelines at the time of the event. Here is what is currently planned for the 2021 USMS Short Course National Championship. Any updates will be posted on this page and emailed to registered swimmers prior to the event.

  • USMS encourages members to be vaccinated for COVID-19, but we understand it is a personal decision based on individual factors. USMS is not requiring COVID-19 vaccination for participation in club activities or sanctioned events including 2021 USMS Short Course Nationals.

  • Do not attend if you’re experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. If you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after the conclusion of the event, please contact events@usmastersswimming.org

  • The Greensboro Aquatic Center is a very large facility that can typically accommodate up to 3,000 people. To allow for social distancing, capacity has been reduced to 300-500 swimmers per session, and spectators won’t be allowed (with certain exceptions). Swimmers will only be able to access the facility during sessions in which they’re entered. Credentials for each session will be issued at registration. 

  • USMS recommends a max of six swimmers per lane during warm-up, and swimmers are discouraged from hanging on the walls during warm-up. Please be flexible with your warm-up routine to avoid overcrowding and be considerate of your fellow swimmers.  

  • The most recent USMS liability release form must be executed by each participant during the event registration process. To be clear, USMS liability insurance doesn’t cover transmission of viral or bacterial infections. 

  • There are ample seating areas to spread out. Please don’t congregate in crowded areas (behind the blocks, in the warmup pool, to cheer from the side of the pool, etc.). 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility

  • Common areas and surfaces will be sanitized frequently. 

  • Swimmers are encourage to arrive and leave in their suits, but locker rooms and showers will be available. (updated June 23)

  • Per CDC guidance (updated May 13, 2021), attendees who haven’t been fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth inside the facility at all times except while swimming. Swimmers should remove their mask just before entering the water and put their mask on as soon as they exit the water. Please bring extra masks and Ziploc bags to keep your masks dry. It’s also recommended you write your name on your mask(s).

Most of all, use common sense to make this event as safe as possible for all attendees. We’ll be cheering for you from a safe distance!