Seeding Decisions

  • The sixth event will not be dropped. Swimmers will have the opportunity to swim all individual events that were entered.
  • Men’s heats will precede women’s heats for each event.
  • The 50s and 100s will be preseeded, with the oldest age groups first, slowest to fastest within each age group, men and women separate.
  • The 200s will be deck seeded slowest to fastest by entry time, regardless of age (men and women separate).
  • The 400 IMs will be deck seeded slowest to fastest by entry time, regardless of age (men and women separate).
  • The 400, 800 and 1500 freestyles will be deck-seeded slowest to fastest by entry time, regardless of age (men and women separate).

All events 200 meters and longer will require positive check-in.

Email Updates

Registered swimmers receive a series of pre-event emails with important information regarding 2019 USMS Summer Nationals. Here are links to these emails for reference:

Psych Sheets

Psych sheets are available now.

Split Notification

Final results will indicate splits for all swims (excluding pad malfunctions). Splits will be recorded for all swimmers and submitted for records and Top 10 consideration, for initial distances of all individual events (except for backstroke) and for all relay lead-off splits. Therefore, swimmers need not submit split requests for those events. Split requests are required for initial distance(s) of an individual backstroke event. The swimmer is responsible for picking up the Split Notification Form from the administrative official, filling it out, and presenting it to the administrative official prior to the swim. Automatic split times will be submitted for USMS Top 10, however automatic split times from individual events will not automatically appear in the USMS event results database. If you would like a split time to be added to the event results database, please email your request after the meet to

Rules Interpretations

Swimsuits: FINA specifications prohibit any zippers, ties, or any other fastener systems with the exception of a waist tie. No ties, zippers, or other fastener systems are permitted except for a waist tie that would come with a racing brief. Note that a racing brief does not necessarily have to be worn by just men, suits can come in two pieces and a female swimmer could wear a brief with a waist tie along with a top piece. Fastener systems would include anything added by the swimmer: ties, clips, etc.

Tracking devices: Swimmers, coaches, and officials are reminded that USMS rule 102.12.2E prohibits the use of “any device or substance to enhance speed, pace, buoyancy, or endurance during a race...”. As such, use of these types of devices are not permitted during events at sanctioned or recognized USMS meets. Wearing the device while it is turned off or not operational is not necessarily prohibited, but swimmers who plan wear such a device should check with officials prior to racing to verify that the device is turned off or that the display capability is deactivated. Failure to do so may result is disqualification if a swimmer is observed using such a device in competition.