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by The Professionals at Nationwide Insurance

November 5, 2015

USMS partner Nationwide breaks down common occurrences and types of coverage

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You probably know the name of your insurance company and the type of insurance you have, but how about what your policy covers? Here’s a quick lesson, brought to you by Nationwide®.

Scenario Type of insurance coverage How it works
Act of nature Comprehensive Comprehensive car insurance may pay for repairs from hail damage, a falling tree limb, or other weather-related damage.
Vehicle theft Comprehensive Your comprehensive coverage policy would cover a stolen vehicle.
Driving a friend’s car Liability coverage If you’re in an accident while driving a friend’s car, liability insurance may cover you under your own auto insurance policy.
Before letting someone else drive your car, find out what kind of coverage they have. You may also get extra protection under your liability coverage. Check with your agent to see what conditions or exclusions may apply or if other insurance coverages on the vehicle may be considered primary coverage.
Rental cars Rental Reimbursement/Loss of Use If your car is damaged in a covered collision, rental car reimbursement may help pay for a loaner while it’s being repaired. Subject to policy limitation and coverage limits.
Animal collision Comprehensive If your car is damaged when you hit a deer, for instance, comprehensive insurance may pay for damage caused by the accident, such as a broken windshield.
Vandalism Comprehensive If your car is vandalized, comprehensive insurance may cover the resulting damage.
Locked out/stolen keys Roadside Assistance If you accidentally lock your keys in the car, a roadside assistance policy may cover you. Check with your insurer about stolen keys. Specific terms may vary by state and chosen coverage.
Medical bills Medical Payments Coverage If you’re in a covered accident and you or a passenger are injured, your medical payments coverage could reimburse you and your passenger’s medical expenses.
Towing Towing and Labor Insurance or Roadside Assistance This coverage would cover you in the event you need your car to be towed. You may also be covered for labor costs to get your car running again. Subject to coverage terms limits and conditions.
After-market accessories Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage (Comprehensive) You may be able to add custom parts and equipment coverage to your collision or comprehensive policy to protect a high-end sound system or other custom add-on. Check with your insurer.


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