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by The Professionals at SwimOutletcom

July 1, 2014

Swimming dives head-first into high-tech, social training

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For the past several years, swimming has been a showcase for how profound an impact technology can have on a sport; remember all that racing-suit technology that made such a stir a few years ago? Despite those record-breaking advances, swimming has lagged steadily behind other sports when it comes to the recent explosive growth of wearables and fitness tracking.

Sports such as running and cycling have developed engaged and dedicated communities of users who are tracking, sharing, and competing using their wearable devices. Platforms such as cycling’s Strava, or popular running applications MapMyRun and Runkeeper, provide the social interaction that’s been a key factor in the growth and success of wearables in these sports.

The sports wearables category continues to grow, especially with speculation of Apple’s “iWatch” right around the corner and a flurry of new devices coming onto the market each month. The continued development of various smart and waterproof devices from hardware makers, along with the launch of new apps and platforms could lead to a revolution in the realm of swim workout tracking and analysis.

There are a variety of swim watches and swimming-compatible wearables that have been on the market for some time, including the Garmin Swim, Finis Swimsense, and Swimovate Poolmate. However, these devices have lacked a cohesive, sport-specific platform to support all users, no matter which device they choose to wear.

Enter—developed by Spiraledge, the company that created, to support all major swimming wearables. users can track their progress over time, get detailed analytics about their workouts, share and connect with friends, and compete with other swimmers on the platform. Growing a community that supports all swimmers and their devices brings a motivating social aspect back into individualized training and fitness. is currently in beta, and is slowly accepting users into the system before it opens to all later this summer. Even more features have been promised for later this year. A mobile app is in the works and compatibility for the popular Pebble smartwatch is also expected to launch later this summer.


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