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by The Sport Audio Experts at X-1

February 7, 2013

When you can’t make it to practice, music can motivate you in a solo workout

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Every Masters swimmer knows that there’s no substitute for a good coach and a pool full of teammates to motivate you to get the most out of your workout. It’s why you set your alarm clock, skip your lunch break, or leave work early, just to get in the water. But there are times when you can’t make it to practice and you have to go it alone. However, there’s help in the form of musical motivation.

Scientifically studied benefits of training with music include:

  1. Dissociation—Music can distract from signs of fatigue to keep athletes calm and happy, leading to longer, harder workouts that are more fun. (Bishop, Karageorghis, & Loizou, 2007)
  2. Flow state—Music contributes to the altered state of awareness when the body and mind seem to function on autopilot. Often referred to as being “in the zone.” (Karageorghis & Terry, 1998)
  3. Acquisition of skills—music can facilitate movements of the body and help the brain to remember how to replicate those movements. (Chen, 1985; Spilthoorn, 1986)

Until recently, aquatic athletes were excluded from the benefits listed above—only during drylands and cross-training could they harness the power of music-driven workouts. Many a swimmer has dreamed of rocking the pool, and technology has come a long way from waterproof “swim radios” that rarely kept their frequency once below the water’s surface. Now, through a variety of methods, all aquatic athletes are able to bring music to their workouts, keeping motivation up, staving off boredom and contributing to an even, well-paced stroke.

At X-1 Audio we’re the technology leader in underwater audio. We pioneered new technology as H2O Audio for more 10 years and were granted seven patents. Everything from the shape of the headphones to the material of the earplugs is meticulously researched, tested, and refined to make sure it endures any workout, resulting in superior sound quality and performance.

But enough about us, the point is, music doesn’t oversleep, get stuck at work or have to reschedule, it’s the perfect training partner to get you excited to swim when your teammates can’t. Scientific studies have proven that humans perform better with music, and X-1 with H2O Audio technology figured out an effortless way to produce big sound below the surface. With that winning combination, swimmers of all levels are empowered to push themselves during their workouts and continue to swim happy, even when their schedules get crazy.


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