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by The Professionals at Garmin

February 28, 2014

All that counting during a workout can distract you from what matters

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Swimmers of all levels benefit from knowing critical data for improving performance, such as distance swum, time elapsed, and distance per stroke. But keeping track of your stats during a swim can get tiring. Enter the swim watch to help free you from the drudgery of counting laps, logging times, and calculating other statistics so you can focus on your technique.

A swim watch works as your own personal coach, assisting and motivating you in your training. It also serves as a daily reminder of your goals, whether that’s hitting a weekly-accumulated distance, working on a faster pace, or improving your “swolf” score. (If you haven’t tried it yet, swolf is a fun and useful combination of swimming and golf that adds the time and number of strokes per length to develop a score. Lower your score for increased speed and efficiency.) 

A swim watch can also eliminate the interruption of monitoring a pool clock by logging drills and time intervals on your own, resulting in a more efficient swim. The ability to cut out distractions will produce stronger technique—you’ll be able to maintain the correct body and head position throughout your entire workout and concentrate solely on your stroke.

The Garmin Swim is ready for you to push start and dive in. Just program in the size of the pool you’ll be swimming in and Garmin Swim will take care of the rest. It automatically knows the stroke you’re using and tracks your lengths, strokes, distance, pace, and more. You can log drills or start time intervals, view your total time and distance with the touch of a button, and calculate your swolf score to gauge your swimming efficiency. Analyze and share detailed metrics of your workout by wirelessly uploading your data to Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community.

Stop counting laps. Let Garmin Swim do the math. Learn more at




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