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by Suzi Green

February 7, 2013

Doing what he loves and setting some wacky goals

John Shumadine lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and daughter. He works as an attorney helping people solve land issues. When he’s not working or swimming, he enjoys hanging out with his family.

As a child, Shumadine swam on the local country club swim team, which competed against other country club teams and everyone got a chance to race. All races were done as a single heat and the first one to touch the wall won. When he was in college, he decided to improve on his swimming so he could compete in triathlon, which was a new sport at the time. After competing in one however, he decided he wasn’t a fan. He did keep swimming until college graduation.

After the birth of his daughter, Shumadine started running, but after a back injury, was back in the pool. He first started swimming for fitness, and then added technique, speed, and flipturns. Eventually he got up the nerve to join a Masters group. Shumadine says that competition gives him goals, which he needs to get the pool to keep up his fitness level. He also enjoys the socialization of a group workout. He swims open water events in the summer, and a few pool meets during the winter. He also skis and lifts weights.

Shumadine swims five practices a week, four of them with a group. They generally get in about 3000-4000 yards. On his solo days, he breaks out the toys to improve technique.

Go the Distance has allowed Shumadine to keep track of his yardage and set goals. Since he has to be sane and conservative at work, he has had some wacky goals—one of them being able to swim a 500 butterfly. His advice is to do what you like doing and set some attainable goals.


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