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by From the Professionals at FINIS

September 8, 2022

The FINIS Manta Paddles are designed to take the strain off your shoulders

Swim paddles are in just about every swimmer’s equipment bag. However, one of the most common complaints about paddles includes uncomfortable straps that break and shoulder-related stress and injuries. 

The FINIS Manta Paddles are designed to take the strain off your shoulders while providing you with power, stability, and efficiency as you swim. 

For Masters swimmers, training with Manta Paddles can be elevate your training. The added surface area you’re pulling with increases resistance to help you build upper body strength, and the vent holes allow you to maintain your feel for the water. 

“We have swimmers using the Manta Paddles, and we find it allows them to finish fully through the hip and increases the hip drive. It also encourages proper fingertip entry to facilitate a good catch and early vertical forearm.”—Gaston Gators Head Coach Trey Taylor, North Carolina LMSC chair and Coaches Committee member 

These paddles make training more efficient, motivating, and fun because:

the Manta Paddle is designed to build muscle. Because of its larger surface area, training with these paddles will improve your stroke efficiency and distance per stroke. 
the Manta Paddles are STRAPLESS. Eliminating the distraction of uncomfortable or broken straps means you can get more out of each swim.
the curved design puts you in the catch position with little effort.
the vent holes to allow water to pass through the paddles. Allowing the water to pass reduces strain off your shoulders while allowing you to still maintain a good feel for the water. 
they are designed to be used in all four strokes.
“We've been using the FINIS Manta Paddles at Nova Masters since they were first released.
“Training with the Manta Paddles can help develop a long, smooth, core-driven stroke and pull with accuracy. If you slice the paddle incorrectly through the water, you will feel torque on your finger. If you try to pull the hand out of the water too early or at a bad angle, you will feel the paddle separate from the hand. Since the paddles are fairly large, you need to lock the shoulder down into the back and use core power to keep a consistent cadence. If you just use arm strength the tempo will drop once the arms fatigue.
“Our swimmers go fast when using the Mantas, and who doesn't like to go FAST? But there is still a need to maintain good form with the paddles, or they will magnify the errors.”
“It seems that some paddles you can swim fast in but don't offer much technique correction or improvement, and other paddles require a lot of technical skill to master but aren’t very fast to swim in. The Mantas seem to be a good middle ground of speed and technique.”—Novaquatics Masters Head Coach Michael Collins


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