Are you seeking a deeper dive into the mysteries of the four competitive strokes with your swimmers? Do you want to create fundraising opportunities for your facility? How about meeting the demand for more regional stroke clinics in your LMSC? Looking for more professional development opportunities as a coach? 

USMS's Clinic Course for Coaches will show you how to conceptualize, organize, market, and deliver stroke development clinics. This course is offered to USMS-certified Masters coaches and ALTS instructors only, and current USMS registration is required. The course consists of both classroom and on-deck components and is limited to 12 coaches and instructors.

In the classroom, you'll learn how to structure a stroke development clinic based on the type and length of time of the clinic, swimming pool configuration, lane space availability, and number of swimmers attending. You'll also learn how to deliver a drill/swim progression for each of the four competitive strokes, which will help your swimmers improve their stroke technique long after they attend one of your clinics.

The on-deck portion of the class is delivered immediately after the classroom portion or the following day during a USMS Stroke Development Clinic. This gives you practical experience, under the guidance of experienced coach and instructor trainers.

Benefits of this course to coaches and instructors include:

  • Increased skill level of coaching stroke development and stroke technique improvement
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Revenue generation, new member recruitment, and member retention
  • Becoming a resource for others who want to engage the services of a trained stroke clinician

2024 Clinic Course for Coaches

(Registration links are posted when available)  

September 28-29, San Rafael/Novato

August 17-18, Augusta, GA

May 17-18, Salt Lake City, UT  

Previous Clinic Course for Coaches

May 4-5, Wilmington, NC

April 6 - 7, Cleveland, OH

February 24 - 25, Phoenix, AZ

December 2 - 3, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

November 4 - 5, Houston, TX

October 14 - 15, Boston, MA

September 30 - October 1, Sacramento, CA

September 23 - 24, Richmond, VA

March 20 - 21, Ventura, CA

March 25 - 26, New Providence, NJ

April 15 - 16, Atlanta, GA

Feb. 18 - 19, Dallas, TX

Jan 28 - 29, New Orleans, LA

Dec 3-4, San Jose, CA

October 1-2, Milwaukee, WI

October 29-30, Hood River, OR

September 10-11, Charlotte, NC

May 14-15, Redwood City, CA

Jan. 29-30, Orlando, FL

Feb. 5-6, Glendale, CA

Dec. 11-12, Raleigh, NC

Nov. 20-21, Boston, MA

Oct. 23-24, Chicago, IL

Feb. 15-16, Louisville, KY 

Jan. 25-26, Orlando, FL

Dec. 7–8,  Sacramento, CA

Nov. 16–17, Atlanta, GA 

Nov. 1-2, Salt Lake City, UT 

Oct. 19–20, New York, NY

Oct. 12–13,  Los Angeles, CA 

Oct. 5-6, Denver, Colo 

Sep. 7, San Diego, CA 

Aug. 31, Charlotte, NC 

June 8–9,  Seattle, WA 

May 18–19, Buffalo, NY 

May 4–5, Washington DC

April 6–7, Boston, MA

March 30-31, Columbus, OH

March 30-31, Coeur d'Alene, ID

March 23–24, Houston, TX 

March 16, 2019, Albuquerque, NM 

Feb 23, 2019, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Feb 16, 2019, Phoenix, AZ

Dec. 1–2, San Francisco, CA

Nov. 3–4, Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 13–14, Indianapolis, IN

Sept. 15–16, Portland, OR

Aug. 25–26, Chicago, IL  

May 19–20, Denver, CO

April 14–15, Boston, MA

April 7–8, Bridgewater, NJ

Feb. 24–25, Washington,DC

Jan. 27–28, Austin, TX

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