Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification

Do you want to expand the reach of your Masters club to include adults who don't yet know how to swim? Do you see a need in your community for learn-to-swim lessons geared toward adults? Have you taught others to swim and experienced the joy of sharing the sport of swimming with someone? If yes, you might make a good adult learn-to-swim instructor. USMS provides a certification program for adult learn-to-swim instructors.

Once you become a certified adult learn-to-swim instructor, you're eligible to receive ALTS instructor designation. We recommend that you renew the ALTS designation for each registration year to maintain your ALTS instructor benefits. 

Questions? Check out the FAQ below or contact us

ALTS Instructor Certification FAQs

What is ALTS?

ALTS stands for adult learn-to-swim.

What Is a USMS ALTS Instructor?
A USMS ALTS instructor is someone who has successfully completed a USMS ALTS instructor certification course and is certified to teach adults how to swim.
Can a USMS ALTS Instructor teach me how to teach an adult to swim?
A USMS ALTS instructor can show you the teaching methods that USMS uses to teach an adult to swim, but only USMS can certify you as a USMS ALTS instructor.
I want to volunteer to help teach adults how to swim. Do I have to be certified in order to do this?
No, you don't have to be certified to teach an adult to swim, but you should learn the proper teaching methods from a USMS ALTS instructor before teaching an adult to swim.
Do I have to be a coach in order to take the USMS ALTS certification Course?
No, the certification course is for anyone who teaches or wants to teach adult swim lessons.
What are the prerequisites for taking the USMS ALTS certification course?

You must be a member of USMS and you must be able to perform the following five water competency skills:

  • Step or jump into deep water and return to the surface
  • Float or tread water for 1 minute
  • Turn around in a full circle and find an exit
  • Swim 25 yards to the exit
  • Exit from the water
Where do I find a USMS ALTS instructor certification class?
What are the benefits of learning from a USMS ALTS instructor?
  • Standardized curriculum
  • Certified adult instructor with specialized knowledge of working with adult learners
  • Safety
  • Certificate of Accomplishment award
  • Special invitation to become part of U.S. Masters Swimming and enjoy USMS member benefits
What are the benefits of having a USMS ALTS program and instructor at your facility?
  • Standardized curriculum
  • Certified professional instructor
  • Enhanced adult programming
  • Marketing materials and support
  • Increased membership and member retention
  • A program that provides a community service
  • Recognition on the USMS website as a USMS-certified ALTS location
  • Grants and fundraising opportunities