USMS Administrative Tools

This section is intended to be a repository of computer-based tools that are used by the volunteers who run the various USMS functions. If you have some tools to offer, contact the USMS Webmaster.

Top 10 Tools:
The top15 and conv15 programs in this zip file can be used by LMSC top 10 recorders for processing top 10 compilations.

USMS officially recognizes Hy-Tek Sports Software as the recommended supplier of computer software for Masters Swimming. Contact Hy-Tek at their home page or call their Sales Office at (919)633-5111 to order products with your 25% USMS Discount or to order a FREE Demo copy of any of their products.

With the 8.1 release of the Hy-Tek Meet Manager program, you can now automatically check your meet results for new USMS and world records. Just download and unzip the current records from this site into your Meet Manager directory.

A copy of the USA Swimming Standard Data Interchange Format specification document (version 3) can be found here.

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