USMS has traditionally allowed foreign swimmers (swimmers who reside in a country other than the USA and are currently-registered members of their country's swimming federation) to participate in USMS-sanctioned swim meets, open water events, and Masters workouts that require USMS membership.

These foreign participants are now COVERED by the USMS participant accident insurance while they are participating in any of these activities.  Because they are now covered, USMS must collect and retain the foreign participants' biographical information and signed liability waivers.

We have posted a paper foreign guest membership form that is to be used for all foreign participants who attend Masters workouts that require USMS membership, or who enter a swim meet or open water event via paper entry form.  The form must be completed and signed by the participant. The coach or event director should retain one copy of the signed form for their files, and send the signed form to the USMS national office (instructions are on the form). The form is two pages long; both pages must be filled out and signed.

Foreign participants who enter an event online through Club Assistant's online entry system do not need to fill out this form; their information is captured and the waiver is signed during the online entry process. If any other online entry system is used, the event director should ask the foreign participants to fill out and sign the paper foreign guest membership form at the event.

Event directors must always verify that the foreign swimmer is a member in good standing of his country's swimming federation. The foreign swimmer should be able to provide proof either by a copy of their membership card or a letter of verification from their club or World Aquatics (AQUA) federation.

In summary, U.S. Masters Swimming provides short-term guest memberships to the following:

  • Foreign swimmers (who are currently-registered members of another country’s World Aquatics (AQUA) governing body) who are participating in a Masters swimming program’s covered workouts on a short-term basis (less than 30 days)

  • Foreign swimmers (who are currently-registered members of another country’s World Aquatics (AQUA) governing body) who are participating in a USMS-sanctioned meet or open water race

Foreign swimmers who participate in workouts in the U.S., where USMS membership is required, for more than 30 days are required to join USMS.