Moving things forward in a positive direction takes a village! It takes a united swim familyYou might come to us for inspiration, but we believe it’s reciprocal, as we often look to you for inspiration, motivation, direction, and support.

We ❤️ swimming but we ❤️ the people and the stories more and recognize during these tough times that we can’t do this alone. We need you! We appreciate you

Which is why we will start sharing our Instagram account (@mastersswimming) with others for the day. We’ve picked individuals and clubs who inspire us, who are fearless in the face of a challenge, and who warm our hearts. Join in to hear their stories. 

July 15, 2020 

Jamal Hill takes on challenges and eats them like tic-tacs! We first introduced you to Jamal during the 2019 USMS Summer Nationals in Mission Viejo, CA, where he provided a great insight into his USA Paralympian Swimming career and how he kicks butt in the pool as well. Since then, Jamal continues to conquer, set new goals and embrace every challenge in front of him. He is strong, in mind, body, spirit, and is a constant inspiration to us! Which is why we asked if Jamal would also help us out and lead a dryland session as part of our 2020 SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Summer Fitness Challenge. Pull up his workout and join him for a live sesh. It's gonna be fun so come join us!


July 22, 2020 


Coach Mike Collins and Assistant Coach Rachel Weinstein are the one-two punch that makes Nova Masters Swimming fun! Mike’s swim knowledge is absolutely aces! Rachel is known for her big heart and killer fly sets. This dynamic team will stand around with you on deck with after practice reviewing your swim struggles, give you extra tips, and still have a good laugh about it all while the lifeguards are shooing you out the door. Mike and Rachel know that re-inventing yourself and your swimming is challenging but totally doable! They even do some soup-can swimming. What? Well you gotta tune in to learn more.


August 12, 2020


The Mahogany Mermaids epitomize what it means to be a USMS club. Nadine Ford, Wendy Berry, and Tara Floyd-Howard have a bond, an appreciation of each other, and a love for swimming that jumps off their feed. The MMs will captivate you! Whether they make you nostalgic for your college swimming days or empower you to learn as an adult, once you get a taste of their energy, you will always come back for more! If that wasn’t enough, they have a stellar Adult Learn-to-Swim program that has influenced the creation of other programs in their nearby North Carolina counties. They put in the hard work and it makes all the difference! Come join them!

August 26, 2020


Matt Russell is one of America's best Ironman triathletes. However, that is not what defines this family man, whose incredible story about perseverance after a horrible bike accident will leave you in awe. Matt provides a great perspective that will encourage you to try again. Getting back on the horse, re-engaging, and taking that first step is so very hard! Matt has done it and we are excited for him to share his tips and his life with you. Which is why we’ll issue this spoiler alert now: Matt makes it look easy - in the best possible way, of course. If you've been biking, running, or are even back in the pool, then Matt can provide some great insights for you. Don’t miss it.