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by The Professionals at blueseventy

April 2, 2014

Textiles are faster than skin

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It’s a fact that textile fabrics are faster than skin in the water. Add the compression benefits of streamlining the body into a technical suit, and racing with as much skin covered as possible becomes faster than swimming with exposed skin. However, plenty of Masters swimmers still aren’t wearing the latest textile suits.

Many Masters swimmers don’t wear technical suits because of price and the time it takes to get into a properly fit, modern suit. Being forced to “buy before trying” also makes purchasing a textile suit a daunting task. With price tags ranging anywhere from $250 to $500, Masters swimmers want to know what these great benefits promised by a manufacturer are and how they help.

One thing to keep in mind for Masters swimmers looking for value in their suits—for at least the next two years, FINA rules appear to be sticking with the current textiles without zippers and no covering of the shoulders or arms (for female swimmers). There also seems to be no immediate chance of men’s suits reverting to torso coverage either, so the current format of jammers and kneeskin suits are apparently here to stay. You can buy a suit today with little chance of the rules making it ineligible over the next two years.

When it comes to selecting the right tech suit for you, look for the following features and benefits that mean you’re getting a high-quality suit:

  • Welded seam construction. This renders the suit virtually stitch-less and eliminates points of drag.
  • Hip lift system. This system lifts the hips in the water to help improve body positioning and streamlining.
  • Lightweight and quick drying fabric. Lighter, quick-drying suits won't weigh you down and will dry quickly if you want to wear it for more than one race.
  • Nonslip gel leg grippers. These gel leg grippers circle the inside of each leg opening and hold your suit in place, preventing it from riding up or creating drag-increasing ripples in the fabric.

Blueseventy took the two reasons why most Masters swimmers don’t wear a textile suit—price and fit—and addressed these issues, resulting in the perfect Masters suit: the neroFIT. We combined the elite competition technology from our neroTX and nero14 suits with comfort and flexibility to make the neroFIT an ideal choice for Masters swimmers. And more good news! We’ve priced it below our elite suits to make it affordable to a broader audience of swimmers.

We feel the two biggest benefits of our Masters-specific suit are fit and fitting time. You won’t need to spend 20 minutes getting into this suit, and once you’ve got it on you’ll find it comfortable, soft, and the perfect fit for your body.

The neroFIT tech suit will launch this summer. Be the first to experience this suit and come see us at the 2014 Marriott USMS Spring National Championship in Santa Clara, Calif. Here at blueseventy, we’re Masters swimmers, too, so please come and talk to us!


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