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December 31, 2008

FINA urges us to protect our water resources

To launch its Centenary Year, 1908-2008, FINA is promoting this message and urging its members to preserve the environment and protect water, an essential element of life on earth. Around the world, pollution, climate change and unsustainable human demand are putting the quantity and quality of water in peril. Water is already scarce in large areas of the planet and is a spreading problem. FINA states that this situation is no longer a political question, but a vital necessity for our future on earth. All 194 FINA member federations, their pool and open water swimmers, water polo players, divers, synchronized swimmers, officials, coaches and administrators are urged to modify their way of living to reduce consumption of water, avoid wasting water, support institutions conducting research and development of improved water management tools, and become role models in spreading this important message - water is our world. You can read the entire Water Is Our World message here.


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