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by The Professionals at TYR

May 4, 2015

Use paddles to help with technique, strength, and variety

Training paddles are lightweight tools built for in-water use. When strapped to the palms of each hand, they help to improve stroke technique and arm strength by evenly distributing water pressure. If used properly, paddles are ideal training and workout aids for swimmers at every level. Here are some ways they can help:

Technique Improvement

Speed and propulsion are essential on race day, and can be elevated with the help of training equipment. Using paddles will allow you to focus more heavily on your stroke and properly enhance your feel for the water. When working on technique, remember to keep your elbows high throughout your pull. Larger paddles are typically best for focusing on wrist and elbow placement, and they provide a great increase in resistance.

Strength Building

Training paddles add surface area to your hands. In doing so, they place increased resistance on your muscles as they work to catch and pull the water. By adding a variety of paddle-assisted drills to your workout, you can increase arm and upper body strength.


Incorporating equipment into a workout not only helps to create results, but also adds the variety necessary for consistent motivation. Changing up a routine through the use of hand paddles during drills, pulling sets, and sprint-assisted swimming is a great way to keep trainings fresh and exciting.

Catalyst 2 Training Paddles

The TYR Catalyst 2 Training Paddles are an innovative update on the traditional swim paddle. Constructed with polypropylene, these colorful training aids are durable, lightweight, and flexible. Featuring a new and improved design with simple straps for enhanced comfort, the TYR Catalyst 2 Training Paddles help to improve stroke technique while building arm strength. Their unique shape not only improves water feel, but also distributes pressure evenly for reduced shoulder stress during training and workouts. 


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