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December 31, 2008

These Florida Mavericks are the ultimate role models

Three 90-year-old swimmers -- Kay Schimpf (left), with 1,525 yards, Frances Cichanski (center), with 1,700 yards, and Brud Cleaveland (right), with 1,700 yards, of the Florida Mavericks, completed the popular January postal event. They then joined teammates June Reynolds, 86, Cliff Eastwood, 86, and Charles Edwards, 88, to form a men's, a women's, and a mixed relay - all in the 85+ age group! Margie Hutinger of the Mavericks reports, "They are a special group of swimmers, as they showed a lot of spunk to do their swims, in spite of the adversities they had to overcome. They are cool role models for Masters swimming."


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