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by Daniel Slocki Speedo Sports Marketing

February 26, 2010

Hypothetical situation: You are 12 years old and you just joined a soccer team. What is the first thing your parents had to do? Buy you a team uniform.

Now fast-forward 30 years. You have just joined your local Masters swim club, what should be the first thing you do? Well, why should the answer be any different from 30 years ago?

Regardless of what sport you may have participated in growing up, or when signing your kids up for various athletic teams now, uniforms are a must. Uniforms create several positives for teams; they give members a sense of belonging, they help distinguish your team from the crowd, and they just make you look good!

The sense of “Team” is something many people look for in life whether it is socially or athletically. The great thing about being a part of U.S. Masters Swimming is that it provides both. One of the biggest things I see when stepping out onto the pool deck of a Masters meet is the sense of pride people have in being a part of this great organization and their individual clubs; why not show it?

Take a look at the highest levels of the sport of swimming. At the high school state meet swimmers have matching colored T-Shirts, bags, and warm ups to look like a team. At NCAAs teams go as far as having the same shoes, same shorts, same shirts, same warm ups, same bags, and even the same hair color! At the Olympic games, countries match every tiny detail of their apparel and even have the flags of their countries worked into the designs on their tech suits. All of these examples create an extreme sense of pride in belonging to a team, giving those athletes that extra edge to swim a faster time not only for themselves, but also for their teammates.

It’s always easier to swim fast when you see your team cheering behind you, and what better way to spot them jumping up and down the side of the pool than in a matching team uniform. How do you go about looking for a team uniform specifically designed for swimmers?

There are many options. You can purchase matching warm-ups in your team colors from your local sporting goods store and have them embroidered or screen-printed with your team logo. You can order online from many sports retailers. Many retailers, embroidery and screen-printing shops will give bulk discounts to teams. Have someone on your team who is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about business transactions be a liaison between the team and the vendors.

You can also contact the Sports Marketing Team at Speedo. Speedo can provide products from head to toe for the beginning recreational swimmer all the way up to the most elite swimmers in the world. If your USMS team would like to learn more about the benefits of Speedo sponsorship, feel free to contact me directly at