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by The Professionals at Nike Swim

April 4, 2012

Choosing the right suit

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One of the most visible changes in the history of swimming is the swimsuit itself. From the first Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece, 1896, where only male swimmers participated (in a body suit that resembled a short-sleeved shirt and shorts in one), to the upcoming 2012 games this year in London, England, where swimmers will be suited in the latest, advanced textile suits.

Today, there are many practice and performance suit options for swimmers of all ages. Generally consumers are looking for fit, function, and fabric. A suit with a tight fit and which offers maximum support will allow you to be more streamlined in the water and eliminate drag. Keeping functionality (freedom of motion) in mind is important when purchasing a swimsuit as well.

Fabric choice is also important. If you plan on wearing your practice suit in chlorinated water on a regular basis, go for a polyester suit. These are chlorine resistant and retain their color longer than the nylon/spandex blends. The nylon/spandex suits, however, are more comfortable and offer maximum flexibility.

The market for women’s suits has changed drastically, moving from a conservative look to a more revealing one. Many suits now have thinner straps and larger cutouts in the back, especially desirable for women who swim outdoors and who want to minimize their tan lines.

Popular men’s silhouettes include the classic brief, the newer, square-cut brief and the jammer. Like women’s suits, men’s suits vary in skimpiness of the cut as well.

Even though we’ve seen the market switch to more revealing silhouettes, we still see a demand for conservative suits. When you have a team consisting of swimmers of different ages and body types, it can be tricky to find a team suit that pleases everyone.

Nike Swim is able to offer a wide range of silhouettes for both male and female swimmers of all ages, in both polyester and nylon/spandex blend. Be sure to check out the latest Nike Swim has to offer at your local swim shop.


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