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by The Professionals at Speedo

May 28, 2009

Kicking is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in being a great swimmer. If you take a look at the world class athletes of today, a common theme between them is a steady kick. Now you ask yourself, how can my swimmers learn to kick this way? Well, as with most things, the answer is practice.

One thing that can help you promote a stronger better kick is to have your swimmers use fins in practice. Many swimmers use large fins to try and help strengthen their legs and improve their kick. Something you might have noticed when your swimmers wear long fins is that their kick is a little different compared to their kick when they swim without them. You might have also noticed that your swimmers tend to have a harder down-kick and just use the up-kick as a set-up for the next down-kick, instead of using it for propulsion as they should. Is there an answer to this recurring problem? Yes: the Speedo Speed Training Fin.

The Speed Training Fin's short blades are designed to give your swimmers propulsive force while maintaining a relatively high kicking tempo; these fins will give your swimmers a normal kick with the added bonus of propulsion. The vents allow water to pass through its surface, promoting optimum speed and a six-beat kick when training. The curve of the fin creates pressure on the up-kick, helping promote strength training, as well as emphasizing that part of the kick that most people forget to focus on. The open heel provides comfort and greater ankle flexibility during the length of the workout and allows for easy transition to fins during interval training. This tool will help your swimmers maintain a steady kick while training them to kick the correct way.

This set is perfect to utilize the Speedo Speed Training Fin:

  • 4x50 *Kick without Speed Training Fins
  • 4x50 *Kick with Speed Training Fins
  • 4x100 *Swim with fins, working on an over-kick
  • 4x100 *Swim without fins. working on an over-kick

Ask your swimmers to take notice of their normal kick in the first 4 x 50s. Then, ask your swimmers, while they utilize the fins, to note corrections to incorporate into their normal stroke while swimming the last 4 x 100s. This set is perfect to use as a drill set, or you can repeat it for multiple rounds to develop it into your main set.

If you really want to get your swimmers going for the gold, use this power set:

  • 6x125 *Swim with Speed Training Fins, build so that the last 50 yards is at 85 percent.
  • 8x75 *1-2, last 25 fast; 3-4, middle 25 fast; 5-6, first 25 fast; 7-8, all fast with Speed Training Fins.
  • 5x150 * Keep Speed Training Fins on and add paddles. Focus on catching the water in the front part of the stroke while maintaining a steady kick. These are to be at a moderate steady speed.
  • 2x75
  • 2x50
  • 2x25 *The 75s, 50s and 25s are all fast with approximately 10-15 seconds rest, using fins and paddles. The key is to keep the legs going at least at a six-beat kick.