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by The Professionals at Malibu C

August 3, 2015

Solutions for swimmers’ hair and skin challenges abound

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Because of the vast number of products now available, choosing the right personal care product can be a confusing process for swimmers. After all, nearly all of these personal care products claim to remove chlorine. 

The swimmers’ personal care market is laser-focused on removing chlorine, but did you know the real cause of green hair isn’t actually chlorine? It’s a common misconception that chlorine causes that familiar green tint that many swimmers experience. Copper, which is added to the pool to control algae growth, is actually the cause.

In reality, chlorine is only a part of the issue affecting swimmers’ hair, scalp, and skin. Although chlorine is a damaging oxidizer, the real culprit for swimmers’ damaged, dry, crunchy, gummy, hair is mineral buildup. 

What’s Hiding in Your Water?

The most common minerals found in pools include calcium, magnesium, copper, and more recently, salts. Swimmers are doubly exposed to these damaging elements because it’s not only in the water they train in regularly, but also likely in the water that they shower in at home. 

Most people don’t realize that what’s hiding in your shower water is often the culprit of many common and severe issues for the hair, scalp, and skin. According to a U.S. Geological Survey, 85 percent of the nation is shampooing in hard water. Hard water is packed with minerals and harsh chemicals that can wreak major havoc on the hair, scalp, and skin. Hard water can even serve as a trigger for symptoms associated with severe conditions including eczema, dandruff, dry/irritated skin, and other issues. 

Chlorine helps bond minerals onto the hair. For swimmers who exposed to this harsh oxidizer often, chlorine can discolor hair, damage the cuticle and protein, and create an oxidizing effect on elements in the hair, such as minerals. Active chlorine can leave hair feeling gummy when wet and straw-like when dry. Chlorine can alter the electrical charge on minerals in the hair, causing them to bond tightly to the hair, and may even change the color of certain minerals. The highly charged mineral may, in turn, damage and/or discolor the hair. Oxidation of minerals onto the hair causes it to feel rough and brittle and look dull, brassy, lifeless, or fiberglass-like. 

Associated Challenges

Other common and severe challenges that swimmers face include ashy/brassy/muddy blondes and other discolorations, including swimmers’ green hair; severe breakage and damage; dry/rough hair; poor grey coverage; color that fades quickly; dandruff, dry, irritated scalp, eczema, sensitive or itchy skin, and tattoo fading; among other issues. 

The Wellness Solution

Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit addresses these challenges by gently, yet effectively, drawing out damaging hard water mineral build-up. Malibu C: 

  • Restores damaged hair for improved manageability, shine, and strength 
  • Reveals light-weight, free-flowing locks with body and bounce 
  • Instantly removes discoloration including brassy, ashy, or muddy hues 
  • Improves color brightness, vibrancy, and retention
  • Soothes dry scalp with just one service 

Malibu C products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made in the United States. They are formulated without gluten, parabens, or sulfates.

Try our monthly treatment for severe buildup: In-Salon Malibu MakeOver. Experience this world-famous salon service that totally transforms trashed swimmers’ hair and reveals your best hair ever!



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