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March 14, 2008

An early Masters swimmer

Gene Crossett will be remembered for his swimming at the University of Washington from 1932-1935, starting when the program was just a year old. He didn’t break into the Masters record books until 1980 and since that time achieved 26 world Top 10 and 155 USMS Top 10 places. He achieved All-American status four times, most recently in 2005. He currently holds 38 PNA records spanning 15 years and four age groups.

Even in his 90s, Gene always executed a perfect dive, quietly showing us that age need not be a barrier to fitness and sport. According to his daughter, Gene was still working out just seven days before his death. Gene was youthfully excited prior to meets and retained that excitement afterward. He always thanked officials and volunteers for their efforts. He chattered to and from a meet about swimmers, events and times and about how well he had been treated at the meet.

Every day for nearly 30 years, Gene did his 1,000-yard workout with snorkel and pull buoy indoors at Meadowbrook Pool in the winter and outdoors at View Ridge Pool in the summer. His teammates relate that they could set their watches by his arrival time.