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July 19, 2000

All-American every 50 years

William Irwin garnered All-American honors in 1995 in the 100-Short-Course-Meters Individual Medley and has been on the USMS national Top Ten lists through year 2000, where he appeared in the men 70-74 age group. In his own words, ”My claim to swimming fame is that I made the index in Terry Laughlin's book, Total Immersion, page 105. This is my first index. All-American is nothing new; it comes around every 50 years or so. Last one was at Rutgers; the next is due around 2055.”

“I've been coached since I was at Rutgers at the New York Athletic Club, Adelphi University, Manhasset Swim Club, and Gotham Swim Club. My coach at the N.Y.A.C. was Walter Spence, the original Masters swimmer: NCAA champ at the 100 free in 1931, 1932, and 1933 when he was age 31, 32, and 33. He never taught us how to train, but he sure taught us how to swim. More coaches should do that.”

William J. Irwin lives in Columbia, S.C., and previously swam for the South Carolina Gamecocks. In 2006, he represents the Columbia Masters in South Carolina.