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July 19, 2000

Proud moment came in winning 200 fly

Mike Tschirret can't ever remember being as happy and proud as he was winning the 200 fly at long course nationals in Orlando. As a result, he's knocking on the All-American door for the first time. He's likely to be named an All-American when USMS makes its annual announcement this spring. Another great pleasure in Orlando was the great sense of welcome he felt from the Orlando Masters hosts and the unexpected pleasure of discovering how many great 60-plus swimmers Larry Peck had. So Mike looks forward to joining Jack and Ernestine Beattie, Jerry Glancy, George Mann, Charlie Weatherbee, Victor Sirbu , Alyce Vogel and Roy Hewitt to become part of what must be just about the toughest 60-plus age group relay team in America.

Mike swam at Florida State University, 1953-1957, was captain his senior year, held five school records and swam in the 1956 Olympic Trials. "I used to think that winning the first event in the first regularly scheduled athletic competition, the 1956 swimming meet with arch-rival University of Florida, was my biggest swim-thrill, but after winning in Orlando I think I have to change my priorities. Maybe its just that 40 years have dimmed my memory but I can't ever remember anything like my 200 fly in Orlando."

Tschirret achieved a couple of seconds and thirds in the short course nationals at Santa Clara in 1993 but said: "I was entered in the same events with Jeff Farrell and Bob Proebsting so that made winning the short freestyle and fly events pretty tough". Mike had shoulder and knee surgeries after 1994 and didn't compete again until the nationals at Orlando in 1997.

Right after Orlando, Mike had shoulder surgery again so his goal is to try and be ready for the short course nationals in Indianapolis. He and his wife Ginger are going to teach English in Taiwan this summer so his effort to defend his fly title in Fort Lauderdale will depend upon whether he can find a pool to train in while they're in the Far East.