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October 18, 2002

Nine children and many world recrods

One of Captain Speed Swimming's more inventive and unique members is Joel Burns. Joel was born in Jersey City, but traveled extensively throughout Europe with his father in his early days. He started swimming at the YMCA at age 10. Joel later went on to swim with another CSS member "Big Frank" at Villanova, but later swam his way to greatness at Jersey City College. Joel has just about done everything in his life. From running a dune buggy business, selling and buying classic cars, stockbroker, treasure diver and, of course, inventor. He is usually a little late for practice, but he can back his swimming credentials up. Joel holds Masters world records in the 100 short course meters butterfly and numerous relays. Joel is the proud father of nine children. He is married to the beautiful Lady Rorie (Rorie Anderson). He resides in Fort Lauderdale in a secluded inventor's bungalow. Joel has swum at the Hall of Fame Pool for over 28 years and credits Jim Lilley with organizing a fantastic group of swimmers. He has never seen such comraderie in a group of voluntary swimmers such as Captain Speed Swimming!