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by Dennis Wilson

May 28, 2005

30 years as a jogger before Masters

Harry B. Hunsicker was born in Akron, Ohio in 1930. He grew up and learned to swim in a lake in the suburb of Silver Lake. He didn't compete until his sophomore year at Western Reserve Academy, a prep school in the area. He swam all four years at Oberlin College. It was this early competition that fueled his desire to be a winner.

After more than 30 years as a jogger, he saw an article in the local paper about Jim Montgomery's Masters program at the high school, only a few blocks from his home. He joined up and participated for 18 years, excelling in fly and breaststroke until a knee problem forced him to drop out in 2001. He participated in most local meets, zone meets, and three or four nationals. At one 25-meter meet in Stillwater, Okla., in 1995, he set three world records in one day.

He and his wife, Foree, have been married for more than 43 years. Although she is not a swimmer she has been very supportive over the years. Harry works with his son in a commercial real estate business in Dallas, and is also in the apartment business.