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May 14, 2002

Avid ocean swimmer

Bram Tester grew up in Fullerton, Calif., in a family of five (older brother Barrett is a former SCAQ coach). Bram began swimming for Fullerton Aquatics Swim Team and earned a position as a National Top 16 swimmer from ages 15 to 22. He excelled in the 1650, and was one of the 25 top swimmers in the world in the event in 1988. He went on to swim for UCLA from 1987-1991. Bram is also an avid ocean swimmer and bodysurfer and was a lifeguard at Huntington State Beach for five years. He has enjoyed competing in many ocean races. Outside of the swimming arena, Bram also enjoys photography, music, traveling and the outdoors. His coaching philosophy is to keep it fun, provide variety and always create a challenge.

This story is from the SCAQ website.