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by The Professionals at TYR

January 4, 2012

A new TYR wetsuit

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As the sport of open water swimming grows, more and more swimmers have experimented with open water swimming gear. One piece of gear that open water swimmers can use to their advantage is the neoprene wetsuit.

As many of us live in climates where the season for warm open water swimming is short. The development of the neoprene wetsuit for open water swimming aids the swimmer in conserving body heat while providing added buoyancy.

The latest open water swimming wetsuits have evolved to offer the swimmer a new level of speed and comfort, with features such as more pliable neoprene, drag-resistant coating, forearm panels to help catch more water in the swim stroke, wrist cuffs to prevent water intrusion, quick release ankle cuffs and buoyancy panels. These new triathlon wetsuits offer a maximum advantage for athletes who use them.

Perhaps the most important of these features are the buoyancy panels. Reducing body drag, the enemy of all swimmers, can be your biggest challenge when attempting to attain your highest speed and best form. When a swimmer’s head and shoulders are at the surface but hips and legs are deep in the water, there is little potential for speed. Buoyancy panels correct this by elevating the torso to help establish the perfect body position relative to the surface of the water.

Features such as quick release ankle cuffs and stretchy neoprene come in handy for triathletes because they allow for a quick gear change as the wetsuit is easier to take off when transitioning to the bike. The more flexible the neoprene, the greater range of motion the swimmer has in the shoulders. This allows the swimmer to maximize their stroke and attain their highest speed.

TYR has just released the latest addition to their Hurricane triathlon wetsuit series, the TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature. Made from 100% 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto Neoprene, the suit can stretch to over seven times its static state, offering the open water swimmer an incredible fit.

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