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by The Professionals at FINIS Inc

January 2, 2014

Training with a monofin can propel you to greater strength and speed

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When most people think of a monofin, they probably visualize a mermaid gracefully undulating through a fictional underwater paradise. Not just the stuff of fairytales, this large, single-blade fin can be found on pool decks around the country and has contributed to many Olympic gold medals.

The popularity of the monofin has grown immensely because the user experiences several unique physical benefits. Competitive swimmers at all levels have learned that the monofin is a great tool for increasing muscular endurance in the legs. It’s also a great tool for strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and back. This fin demands some serious attention from those who swim to be fit, as well as those who have visions of standing atop the podium.

Novice swimmers seldom have difficulty using a monofin because the motion is intuitive. Foot pockets or adjustable straps hold your feet alongside one another at the top of the fin. Much as a dolphin uses equal force on both sides of its body to kick, a symmetrical and rhythmic kick generated from the core can help swimmers using a monofin to achieve otherwise unattainable speeds. Conventional fins or flippers can’t match the propulsive speed of a monofin.

Continued use of the monofin will make you a more confident kicker, both below the water and on the surface. The stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and the lower back are critical for using your monofin. They’re also the keys to holding a rigid bodyline at more turbulent racing speeds. Training with a monofin can make you a better kicker, and it will make you fitter and faster on top of the water.

FINIS Founder and CEO, John Mix has been a fan of the monofin for quite some time. Mix had been a professional water polo player and he'd first encountered the monofin in Europe. Upon his return to the U.S., he launched FINIS and made the monofin its first product. Strong demand for the original monofins led Mix and his growing FINIS Team to conceptualize new designs suited for all types of aquatic athletes. Today, FINIS offers a number of designs that vary in size, color, and material, and each is intended for a specific purpose.

The FINIS Foil Monofin is quickly becoming the top choice of competitive swimmers around the world. This extremely durable rubber training aid is easy to use and adds resistance to both underwater and surface swimming. The foot pockets keep the fin in place at high speeds, and the single form design makes the fin durable enough to handle years of abuse in your swim bag. You can learn more about Monofins, including the Foil, at


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