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by Gail Roper

July 1, 2006


Heather Buckendahl Baggett leaves a message for Gail Roper in 2000:

Yes, you found me. You must have called my parents; it would be pretty hard to find me otherwise. I can't believe I was ever fast enough to have made All-American! I was at a swim meet several months ago held at the pool where the Indian Valley Aquatic Club used to swim in Novato, and saw that Donna still held a couple of records in the eight and under group. Not bad after more than 20 years!

 I don't know if my mom and dad told you, but I married a Texan and now live in the Dallas area. My last name is Baggett now, and I'm six months pregnant with our first child. My husband, David, and I both fly for American Airlines as pilots; a job which we both love. Life is great!

 It was so good to hear from you. Yes, I'm still swimming (very slowly now), especially now that I'm pregnant. I imagine you're still breaking all kinds of records—did you leave any for anybody else? Take care; I hope your family is doing well.


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